Walnut cutting board

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End grain cutting board

End grain wood boards are the best cutting boards to be found on the market and will meet the needs of most customer. More durable than edge-grain cutting boards, these end-grain boards look beautiful on your kitchen island. An end-grain is a much harder surface and is better for your knives and more sanitary than a edge grain.

Food-safe for the kitchen

It is known that bacteria have a harder time surviving on wood cutting board. People are surprised to hear that a wood boards may be more resistant to bacterial buildup than plastic ones. Scientists has shown that bacteria will multiply if not cleaned from plastic. On the other side, the bacteria will die in the wood fibers.


  • 20¾" X 13½" X 2½"


  • walnut
  • end grain
  • glued with non-toxic glue


  • food-grade oil finish

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