Meli-melo cutting board

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Cutting board & food safety

Wood is certainly the ideal material for making a cutting board. The porosity of the wood allows bacteria, that would be attached to the surface of your butcher block, to infiltrate deep into the wood. Deprived of oxygen, they will die. 

Fabrication & design

The fabrication of this cutting board requires considerable time . Every pieces must be cut in small square of an inch and a quarter.... and it takes 178 pieces to build this cutting board . Four non-skid rubber are glued on each foot to ensure adequate adhesion to your kitchen counter. An end grain board is better for your knives and more sanitary than a edge grain board.


  • 20¾" X 13½" X 2½"


  • walnut  +  maple  +  wenge
  • end grain
  • glued with non-toxic glue


  • food-grade oil finish

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