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  • Walnut: 15¾" X 4½" X 1¼"

  • St.Lawrence: 16¾” X 2¾” X 1”


  • walnut or walnut-epoxy

  • powerful magnets that can hold multiple knives at a time

  • hardware included

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Magnetic wood

Magnetic knife racks are a popular way to keep your knives out on the wall and within easy reach. Over 20 magnets are needed to keep all your knives strongly hanged on the wall. You will be surprised by the force generated by the magnets that can easily hold your chef's knife. Can support up to 10 knives of different size.


  • made of walnut or walnut / with epoxy

  • strong magnets that can hold many knives


This knife holder is a mix of walnut and turquoise-blue epoxy creating a separation between the land and the water, a reminder of the St. Lawrence Valley.